Sea Cargo

At present, shipping volume is taken into account 80% of total worldwide transportation, and containers are utilized in most long-haul cargo transportation.

The key reason why of sea transport being adopted so broadly is, as the following obvious advantages compare with other international freight shipping ways:

  1. Carrying routing capacity.

Sea transportation isn’t like trains, cars that are restricted to rails and roads, it has an extensive natural waterway to hold the goods which makes being able to advance.

  1. Large carrying volume.

Vessel transport capacity is way higher than rail transport and cars. By way of example, a 10 thousand tons ship is usually equal to the load capacity of 250 to 300 wagons.

Air Cargo

Air cargo, popularly known as air freight, is a modern mode transportation, compared with sea transport, rail transport, it has the benefits of fast transport, high-quality, and never restricted on ground conditions. Obviously it will be more expensive. If air Cargo from Dubai to USA, it will be about 70% compared to rail, while the transportation time will be reduced 50% than by ocean.

It is the best option for delivering quickly needed supplies of fresh goods, precision instruments, useful goods, etc.

In just about every business, time is money. So, will the more expensive shipping by air get diffused by the increase in speed? Please remember that as we move ahead, technology is regularly making shipping by ocean faster. This is taking place through better vessels, faster management resources plus more correct communication.

If thinking about China air freight, you’ll find more here.

Rail Cargo

Trains can handle transporting large numbers of containers that come from shipping ports. Trains are also employed for the transportation of steel, wood and coal.

They are utilised simply because they can have a great amount and usually have a direct route to the destination. Under the right circumstances, goods transported by rail are more economically and energy effective than by road, particularly when transported in large quantities or over long distances.

There are lots of benefits of railway transport, generally it’s not affected by climatic circumstances, so it can ensure a yearly normal transport, and loading is larger, speed is fast, high continuity, and less risk during the transport operation.

The main drawback to rail freight is its lack of versatility. Because of this, rail has lost much of the logistics business to road transport.